Secplicity The 443 Podcast – Episode 274 – RIPE for the Taking

This week's coverage includes several significant cybersecurity events: Password Compromise at a Spanish Mobile Telco: A mobile telecommunications company in Spain suffered a major security breach due to a password…

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Secplicity The 443 Podcast – Episode 273 – Hacking the Crypto Supply Chain

This week's podcast highlights key developments in cybersecurity: Supply Chain Attack on Cryptocurrency Wallet Manufacturer: The episode begins with a discussion on a significant supply chain attack targeting one of…

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Secplicity The 443 Podcast – Episode 272 – Bluetooth Busted

This week's podcast episode focuses on several critical cybersecurity issues: Unauthenticated Keystroke Injection Vulnerability in Bluetooth: The episode starts with an in-depth discussion about a new and alarming vulnerability found…

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Secplicity The 443 Podcast – Episode 271 – 2024 Security Predictions

This week's podcast episode delves into forward-looking insights in the realm of cybersecurity, providing six key predictions for 2024. Each prediction is accompanied by an analysis of the trends driving…

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Secplicity The 443 Podcast – Episode 269 – What to Expect from NIS2

In this week's podcast episode, the focus is on significant developments in cybersecurity, particularly in the European Union and regarding prominent cyber threat actors: EU’s Network and Information Security (NIS2)…

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