Secplicity The 443 Podcast – Episode 269 – What to Expect from NIS2


In this week’s podcast episode, the focus is on significant developments in cybersecurity, particularly in the European Union and regarding prominent cyber threat actors:

  1. EU’s Network and Information Security (NIS2) Directive Update: The main segment of the podcast is dedicated to exploring the updated NIS2 directive by the EU. The discussion likely revolves around who will be affected by these new regulations and what kind of requirements businesses can expect in the upcoming year. This is essential for organizations operating in or with the EU to understand the evolving cybersecurity landscape and compliance obligations.
  2. Latest Activity of the Scattered Spider Threat Actor: The episode starts with an update on recent activities by the Scattered Spider threat actor. This could include insights into their latest tactics, targets, and the potential impact of their actions on global cybersecurity.
  3. Update on LockBit Ransomware Victims: Following that, the podcast provides an update on the latest victims of the LockBit ransomware. This part of the discussion may cover how the attacks were conducted, their implications, and possibly strategies for prevention and mitigation for organizations concerned about similar threats.

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