Secplicity The 443 Podcast – Episode 274 – RIPE for the Taking


This week’s coverage includes several significant cybersecurity events:

  1. Password Compromise at a Spanish Mobile Telco: A mobile telecommunications company in Spain suffered a major security breach due to a password compromise, resulting in the loss of control over their IP address space.
  2. Update on Lapsus$ Ringleader’s Court Case: There’s an update on the legal proceedings involving the ringleader of the notorious hacking group Lapsus$.
  3. Discovery of macOS Backdoor Malware: A new backdoor malware targeting macOS has been discovered. This malware is particularly concerning because it can evade detection by most endpoint protection software.
  4. Microsoft’s Research on Malware Installation Method: Microsoft has conducted research into a new malware installation method. This method is notable for its ability to bypass many existing security measures, posing a significant challenge to cybersecurity efforts.

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