Secplicity The 443 Podcast – Episode 273 – Hacking the Crypto Supply Chain


This week’s podcast highlights key developments in cybersecurity:


  1. Supply Chain Attack on Cryptocurrency Wallet Manufacturer: The episode begins with a discussion on a significant supply chain attack targeting one of the largest hardware cryptocurrency wallet manufacturers. This attack has serious implications for the security of cryptocurrency assets.
  2. Active Exploitation of Apache Struts Vulnerability: The podcast then shifts to the latest vulnerability found in Apache Struts. This vulnerability is currently being exploited by threat actors, highlighting the ongoing risks associated with widely used software frameworks.
  3. Analysis of an Old School Attack Against Modern Targets: The episode concludes with insights on a research blog post. This post delves into a set of threat actors who are employing old school attack techniques against modern targets, demonstrating that traditional methods can still pose a significant threat in today’s digital landscape.

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