Ransomware Incident


FAQ – What Is The Lifecycle Of A Ransomware Incident?

It is important to understand the various stages of a ransomware attack. This is key to knowing how one can defend against them. In this Netsurion video it shows us…

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FAQ – Who Carries Out Ransomware Attacks?

Ransomware attacks are carried out by threat actors. They used to be classified into two types of threat actors - Criminal Gang - State Sponsored Group There is now a…

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FAQ – What Policies Are Used When Responding To Ransomware?

There are various frames of thought when it comes to responding to a ransomware attack. One approach is to refuse to pay the ransom, whereas others might be up for…

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FAQ – How Is Ransomware Categorized?

There are a plethora of ransomware packages available for those that have malicious intent as well as those that want to search for them. Ransomware can be mainly broken down…

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