Alert: AndroxGh0st Botnet Targets Cloud Services in Sophisticated Cyberattack

In a critical development that underscores the escalating cyber threats facing cloud environments, researchers and government agencies have raised the alarm over a new malware, AndroxGh0st, that's forging a botnet…

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What is the Chamois Botnet?

In March 2017 the Android security team had detected, analysed and eliminated a sophisticated botnet which was built on compromised apps that work together to power ad and SMS fraud.…

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Eagle-Eye-T-Pre-Installed-Malware-02.06.2023 Instagram

Pre-installed Malware Being Found on Millions of Android Phones Out Of The Box With No Easy Fix

A worrying new development has surfaced in the Android world where phones are coming preinstalled with malware. often disguised as legitimate harmless apps these malicious apps post a security risk…

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