FAQ: What is data security and why is it important?

As the severity and frequency of cyber attacks continues to increase, data security is becoming a major concern for home users, businesses and governments alike. By 2025 it is predicted to cost globally over $10.5 trillion yearly. This shows the need for a strong and robust security posture that will protect sensitive information such as personal data, financial information or intellectual property.

Data Security define.

A very simple yet basic definition of data security is the protection from the unknown, or unwanted external access to data. This refers to the prevention from a data breach, corruption, theft and alteration.

Strategies to secure data include hashing, data encryption and tokenization. This means that were are protecting the information from unauthorized access throughout the data lifecycle.

There are various components to data security which include software, and various hardware components. Organizational policies, procedures, and access and administrative controls are essential.

Data security is also achieved using different tools to enable encryption as well as masking and redacting of confidential information. Strict regulations and guidelines need to be practical and efficient, and not hinder any management processes as well as reduce breaches and human errors.

types of data security

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Data Security why is it important?

With the computing power we have today, and the advent of quantum computing quickly knocking at our door data security is more essential than ever. Once Quantum computing becomes more main stream the way data security is managed and enforced will need to be completely revamped.

Here are several reasons why data security is of utmost importance:

  1. Protection of confidential information.
  2. Compliance with regulations.
  3. Preventing data breaches.
  4. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR).
  5. Competitive advantage.
  6. Trust & customer confidence.



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