Who Is The Cl0p Ransomware Group?


The Cl0p ransomware gang is a notorious cyber criminal gang that is known for deploying ransomware attacks. They are associated with the deployment of sophisticated ransomware attacks. These attacks involve the encryption of the data and then the demand of payment, or ransom, in cryptocurrency to decrypt the files.

It is important to keep in mind in any ransomware attack, that even if the ransom is paid it is not a guarantee that the data will be decrypted and any stolen data would be destroyed.

This group has been linked to a number of high profile attacks. These attacks hit organizations in various sectors such as finance, healthcare and government entities.

The type of tactics used by this gang are the use of phishing emails, vulnerability exploitation and obtaining access through stolen credentials which are in turn used to gain access to the victims network.

Cl0p’s modus operandi is stealing of sensitive data from victims prior to encrypting it. Once the data is encrypted they then threaten to publish the stolen data if the ransom is not paid by the compromised organization.


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