Scammers and what they will do to try to get your hard earned money

Liam Bartlett of 7NEWS Spotlight leads a high profile investigation into a billion dollar British crime cartel that has been exposed for defrauding $4 million a week from unsuspecting Australians.

The targets are Australian investors, this crime cartel refer to them as “mugs with money.” With Australian authorities who either cannot or are unable to step in this cartel is able to continue operating without the fear of being brought to justice.

This sophistication of this operation are of great concern as this can have a major impact on investor security and international law enforcement.

This crime syndicate is run by British con artists who are believed to be backed by the Russian Mafia.

In the most explosive investigation of the year, 7NEWS Spotlight’s award-winning broadcaster Liam Bartlett busts open a billion-dollar British crime cartel that is fleecing Australians of more than $4 million each and every week.

The staggeringly sophisticated crime syndicate, run by British con artists with the backing of Russian mafia, has been targeting Aussie investors they have cruelly dubbed “mugs with money”, safe in the knowledge authorities here can’t – or won’t – touch them.

In the joint expose with investigative reporter Ross Coulthart and Bartlett will take viewers inside “Operation Tropicana” led by Australian fraud and cybercrime specialist Ken Gamble and his IFW Global operatives.

Across 24 simultaneous raids, in association with Malaysia’s anti-crime commission, the scam busters make more than 80 arrests, including Brit king pin Andy Peters, aka “Peg Leg”, who lived a life of luxury at the expense of duped Australians.

Bartlett said: “I have been embedded with crime fighting groups from various countries over the years, but this operation was on a scale like no other. As it turned out, it needed to be. The criminal syndicate was the biggest scamming group ever to be raided by any global authority.

“The results spectacularly demonstrate the abject failure of our Federal Police to act effectively against the scourge of this ever-increasing threat to Aussie consumers; and we have to demand that things are done better,” he said.

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