Okta Hacked Again As a 2FA Company Fails To Enforce 2FA

Okta 2fa

Okta is back in the headlines, this time due to not implementing 2FA for employee accounts.

2FA is something that is a crucial must have today and for all accounts that one has, be it personal or work accounts.

The worst thing is that when this was reported by its customers, they brushed the customers off for 2 weeks regardless of them being contacted multiple times.

The ironic thing is that is tat they provide 2FA authentication services but they didnt enforce the use of 2FA for their own employees and accounts.


2FA is a must have in this day and age where malicious threat actors are always 2 steps ahead of the good guys.

The 5 breaches they have had in the last 2 years. This calls into question the companies CISO.

In my books this company cannot be trusted and would be a company I would avoid doing any business with.

If I were an Okta customer I would look for alternatives as well as look at seeking compensation.

A company such as Okta should be taking proactive cyber security measures, not just reactive measures when something happens, that is if anything at all is done.

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