All Of Okta’s Client Data Exfiltrated In Hack


Okta has admitted that it has greatly messed up when investigating last month’s hack.

It failed to pick up that 99% of its data had been exfiltrated by threat actors.

It was also discovered that the customer that discovered this vulnerability had been ignored by Okta for two weeks despite multiple attempts at trying to contact them.

What is even scarier is that this is the 5th time they have been breached in the past two years.



Since Okta provides Identity & Access Management Services (IAM) services for integration into applications by their developers.

With the breach last month being their 5th time in the past two years that they have been compromised it is a bit shocking that nobody is being held accountable for the companies short falls that have lead to this 5th breach.

With this massive exfiltration of data I have honestly lost all trust in Okta as a company and in their services they provide.

I am honestly shocked that a company such as this does not have extremely tight security policies in place and a proactive approach to cyber security to keep their infrastructure and clients data secure.

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