3 Hacking Tools Exposed – Bash Bunny

Malicious threat actors have a deadly arsenal of tactics that can be used to breach your companies defenses and cause a lot of harm for a business and their clients. They could find their way in an unauthorized manner through a brute force or phishing attacks, or through the exploitation of vulnerabilities amongst other measures that they can employ.

In this article we will look at Bash Bunnies and what they are and what they can do to your organization.

Bash Bunny

This is a usb based penetration testing tool which can leverage alot of features that are used by hackers on a daily basis such as Metasploit and the Impacket library to launch advanced exploits.

How Can A Rubber Ducky Be Used & What It Can Do To Ones Company?

Payload Delivery

Bash Bunnies can be programmed with a variety of payloads. these payloads can be scripts or commands that will execute when plugged into a computer.

The payloads can be used to automate a large variety of tasks which include information gathering from target systems to exploiting vulnerabilities or configuring the system for remote access.

Password Extraction

This can be used to steal login credentials, sensitive files, or even other data stored on the target system.

For instance, you have a payload that mimics a keyboard and type out commands to save stolen passwords or access to network resources.

Network Attacks

Bash Bunnies can also be used to conduct network attacks.

They can emulate different network devices such as ethernet adaptors or even a wireless access point.

They can then perform various types of attacks such as man in the middle (MITM) attacks, DNS spoofing or even network reconnaissance.

Data Exfiltration

Once data has been collected, a Bash Bunny can exfiltrate the data to an external server or store it on its own storage.

This data usually includes sensitive company information, customer data or even intellectual property.

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