When Should mTLS Be Used & When Should It Not Be Used?

If you are looking to adopt a zero trust security posture, mTLS is a must have when it comes to network communications between various application components that you manage as…

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What Sets mTLS Apart From TLS and SSL?

mTLS is an extension of the security provided by TLS. This is done by adding mutual authentication between the client and the server. When using mTLS, both the client and…

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How Does mTLS Work?

What makes mTLS different to standard TLS is that it is two ways. It is also helpful to understand how TLS on its own works using the public key cryptography…

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What is mTLS?

A variation of the transport layer security (TLS), there is mutual TLS (mTLS). TLS is the successor to secure sockets layer (SSL) and is the most widely deployed standard for…

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Why Is mTLS Needed?

mTLS is an important component of a zero trust architecture. One of the principles of zero trust networking is to assume that there is an attacker that has infiltrated your…

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How Is mTLS Implemented?

Proving Identity Is The Hardest Part of mTLS mTLS has significant security advantages, but it also has some implementation challenges such as the establishment of secure mechanisms for services to…

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