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How To Move Start Menu & Icons To The Left Or Right In Windows 11

When Microsoft released Windows 11, the task bar icons were centered. In the early days of Windows 11 this could not be moved, but eventually this was changed. This is…

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🚨 Major Azure Portal 🔌 Outage 9th June 2023.

Major Azure Portal Outage 9th June 2023

On 9th of June 2023 Microsoft reported on the Azure Status page, that the preliminary root cause behind an outage that impacted the Azure Portal globally was described as a…

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How To Setup a Fedora Rawhide Repository - Eagle Eye T

How To Setup A Personal Fedora Rawhide Repository

To sync rawhide repos issue the following rsync commandrsync -avvpPSHA rsync:// whateverOf course, replace "whatever" with the local path where you want the files to go. Use the command below to sync…

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