Opinion – Quantum Computing & AI

With the sudden explosion of AI, and the rapid pace of developments in quantum computing, a major shift is quickly approaching in both good and bad ways.

For those of us that are Star Trek fans, you are well aware of the powerful computer’s that the ships had that managed every aspect of the ship. For all intents and purposes the type’s of computers used in these ships could have been quantum computers

The incomprehensible speed of these machines will revolutionize how we work with tech in both a positive and negative way.

Going hand in hand it would be very interesting to see AI integrated into an operating system where one would just need to speak to the computer to get anything done just as you see in Star Trek.

Sadly with all things good also comes the bad and with both the sudden AI boom as well as the movement towards quantum computing malicious actors start creeping to exploiting and using these technologies.

In the AI space for example chatGPT with some of its responses are so human like, how can one actually differentiate from a legitimate person that they are speaking to an actual person versus a bot.

Lastly the biggest downside is that of quantum computing. With how quickly quantum computers can break current cyber security measures its is a big worry as that would mean no bit of data is safe. There is on going work to improve protections against but sadly the good guys are always 2 steps behind the bad.

I would really love to know your thoughts on AI and quantum computing.

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