Alternative to Net User Command when needing user information in a multi-domain setup

Alternative to Net User Command when needing user infor in a multi domain setup In multi-domain environments, explore alternatives like Powershell's Get-AdUser CMDLET to retrieve user 🕵️‍♂️ information, as the traditional 'NET USER' command may be limited in cross-domain scenarios. 🔎 Learn more: Reach out to us at for a quote or to set up a meeting to discuss your requirements. EAGLEEYET.NET #eagleeyeet #eagleeyetblog #eagleeyetfaq #netusercommand #powershell

I have gotten question if there is a way to see user information that is in AD when there are multiple domains on prem. Normally one would use the net user command but this doesn’t work cross domain.

In this article I show you a simple Powershell command that one can run to get all the information about a user that is stored in AD.

It is important that the RSAT tools are installed on ones pc in order for the below command to work.

Once you have the RSAT tools installed run the below command:

Get-ADUser “USERNAME” -Server “Domain controller name for example” -Properties *

Replace user name with the name of the user you want to see information about, as well as replace domain controller temporary text with the name of your domain or the domain that the user is on.

Running this Powershell as it is it will display all information that is associated with the User and is stored in AD. if you remove the * from properties and provide a name of certain records you can filter this down to provide you with the information you require.

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