3 Types of Data Protection and the Difference Between Data Privacy and Data Security

3 Types of Data Protection

In this post we will look at the 3 types of data protection as well as look at the difference between data protection and data security.


3 Types of Data Protection

Data handling and sovereignty are concepts that are closely related to data privacy and data security.

Traditional Data Protection

This covers basic and well established networking practices that have been around for decades.

This includes data archival, as well as retention policies for paper records, network backup practices, data replication, and RAID and erasure coding which creates more flexible data storage options.


Traditional Data Protection using an Enigma Machine for Encryption
Traditional Data Protection using an Enigma Machine for Encryption


Data Security

This revolves around the tools used to keep private data safe from unauthorized access, theft, or getting corrupted. This includes physical security methods as well as how the area where the sensitive data is stored as well as the authentication methods used such as Multi Factor Authentication (MFA or 2FA) which make sure only those authorized individuals can view or move the files.

There are additional tools available to further enhance and augment data security. Some of these tools include:


  • Encryption scrambles data into an unrecognizable format. This in turn makes it less vulnerable to hacking and data breaches.
  • Password Managers help to ensure account credentials are strong and secure, unique and safely stored so as to make it hard for hackers to obtain and crack.
  • VPN is used to mask the IP Address you are on as well as ensure all the data coming in or out is encrypted while being sent over a secure channel.
  • Data Privacy


Data Protection through VPN IP Masking


Data Privacy

Data privacy refers to the correct handling of sensitive information, such as personal and financial data as well as intellectual property, and is not just a collection of software and tools used to ensure one’s privacy online.

Laws and policies are designed to protect data privacy. They are the basis on when and how personal information is gathered and shared.


Password Managers to Preserve Privacy


The Difference Between Data Security and Data Privacy

Even though there are differences between data privacy and data security, they both go hand in hand to maintain legal compliance requirements as well as information privacy.


The Differences Between Data Privacy and Data Security Explained

The guidelines for how sensitive data is handled as well as collected depending on its type and importance is known as Data Privacy. On the other hand data security deals with the tools, processes and controls used to keep that private information safe, and includes firewalls, encryption, access control systems and network monitoring.

To summarize, data security protects the data from cyber threats where as data privacy lays out the ground work for the ethical and responsible use of the data.


To Preserve Privacy Why is Security Needed

Both data privacy and security actually compliment each other. Lets take an example of your own organization.

If you collect personal information from shoppers on your ecommerce website in order to finish their orders. The privacy policy will have strategies for long as well as short term storage of the data, sharing of info with 3rd parties as well as customer consent when providing this information.

Once you have the foundation rules set up, it is important to ensure that you have the data security tools and practices in place to keep the sensitive information safe from internal and external threats.


Data Protection in Terms of Data Privacy and Data Security

Data Protection can be used as a blanket term that covers both data privacy and security. The initial definition of data protection stems from traditional methods that are focus on ensuring data availability through network backup processes. As internet use, online banking and e-commerce have exploded. Data protection as expanded to include data preservation, privacy and security.

Data preservation focuses on keeping either physical or electronic files intact.




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