Sustainability and its Role in the Corporate Environment

Sustainability is the concept of meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability for subsequent generations to meet their own required needs. It is a comprehensive approach that strives to achieve balance when it comes to social, economic & environmental factors which in turn creates a harmonious long lasting system.


sustainability minimize the negative environmental impact


When it comes to sustainability in reference to Information Technology (IT) it is the incorporating environmental and socially responsible practices throughout the lifecycle of the product and service.

The goal is to minimize the negative environmental impact of IT operations, promote energy efficiency, reduce electronic waste and keep in mind the social and ethical implications of technology.



Some key aspects of Sustainability in IT are the following:

Green IT

This focuses on reducing energy consumption & carbon footprint of IT systems and infrastructure. This can include using more updated hardware to improve energy efficiency, optimize operations in the data center, implement virtualization & cloud computing, and promoting responsible disposal of any E-waste (Electronic waste).

Sustainable Software Development

This concept involves taking into account environmental and social impacts when designing, developing and maintaining software. This includes efficient coding practices, optimizing the piece of software’s performance, minimizing resource consumption & ensuring the ethical use of data.

E-Waste Management

This refers to any discarded electronic devices and equipment. Such devices and equipment pose both an environmental and health hazards if they are not handled properly. Responsible e-waste management through either recycling, refurbishing or properly disposing of electronic devices are part of a Sustainable IT strategy.

Ethical Considerations

These are also part of Sustainable IT. These ethical considerations include privacy, data security and any social implications the technology might have. This also includes maintaining the users privacy, and ensuring there are sufficient data security measure sin place. Lastly addressing ethical concerns related to AI, automation and the digital divide.

Sustainable Procurement

This also comes into play for Sustainable IT as can have a significant impact of what equipment and services can be procured. This involves working with suppliers and vendors that follow sustainable practices, as well as give priority to energy efficient as well as environmentally friendly products and have a responsible supply chain management.



Here at EagleEyeT we are continuously working to integrate sustainable practices into our IT operations and reduce their carbon footprint, improve energy efficiency and help to contribute to a more social and environmentally conscious tech industry.

Reach out to us on [email protected] for a free consultation on how we can help you reach your sustainability targets related to IT. 

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