Honest Review – Bitwarden Password Vault

Honest Review

The required complexity of passwords is always increasing, mainly in the form of longer passwords. Additionally with 2 factor authentication (2FA), or Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), you end up having to switch between multiple applications, one for the password the other for the 2 factor authentication.

Bitwarden securely brings both password management and multifactor authentication under one application for both personal users as well as corporate users.

Why Bitwarden?

Bitwarden is a feature rich password vault that allows both individuals and organizations alike to securely manage credentials.

It allows for secure password generation of varying lengths. It can also check or compromised passwords, and can have accounts Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) added as well.


Bitwarden Features

Some Bitwarden features include:

Top Features


Self Hosting

One can also self host their password vault. This would be achieved using a docker container.


In my use of Bitwarden I have found it extremely useful. It is helping me to ensure none of my credentials are secure and will even check if a password has been compromised.

It is also allowing me to consolidate my MFA accounts onto a single app. 

Logging into websites is super easy with the browser extension, which can be installed on a wide variety of browsers.

Lastly minimum password length and password generation can be done with ease.

Support is also prompt and efficient and done via email, and documentation is detailed and to the point which allowed me to implement SSO with ease.

My overall rating for Bitwarden is 5 out of 5 stars.


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