3 Hacking Tools Exposed – Rubber Duckies

Malicious threat actors have a deadly arsenal of tactics that can be used to breach your companies defenses and cause a lot of harm for a business and their clients. They could find their way in an unauthorized manner through a brute force or phishing attacks, or through the exploitation of vulnerabilities amongst other measures that they can employ.

In this article we will look at Rubber Duckies and what they are and what they can do to your organization.

Rubber Duckies

These are penetration testing tools that mimic a USB drive which actually injects a payload onto endpoints.

How Can A Rubber Ducky Be Used & What It Can Do To Ones Company?

Malware Payloads:

Once a rubber ducky USB is inserted into a USB port on an endpoint, it will begin to act like a keyboard injecting malware.

The entire process of injecting the payload can take as little as 10-15 seconds.

These type of payloads occur through keystrokes. There are a large number of actions that can be carried out on the endpoint, such as the weaponization of trusted applications, to data encryption or even data exfiltration.

The process can be initiated by a trusted user finding the Rubber Ducky and plugging it into an endpoint, or a malicious threat actor getting physical access to the companies offices or restricted areas and plugging it in themselves.


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